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Our Story

When two visions collide and become one –
BIO Ability is born.

At an NSCA conference Dawn attended in Atlanta, there was a breakout session about para Olympic athletes and the presenter discussed how difficult it was for some of these athletes to find trainers that felt comfortable providing adaptive training for them. This was heart breaking. Brainstorming began to think of a way to offer not only these services for this elite athletic population but to fill this gap for others as well.  In her 20s, after having done a PT internship at a sports medicine center, Dawn dreamed of one day having her own fitness and rehab center.  These two dreams collided and were fueled after discussing this idea with her tennis partner and friend, Julie, who was wanting to offer adaptive classes at her gym, BIO Gymnastics.

BIO Gymnastics

BIO Gymnastics’ mission is to raise champions in and out of the gym. This has always included our special needs community.  Coach Vladimir Zaglada, one of BIO’s founding partners has a doctorate in Pedagogical Sciences. He shares Julie and Dawn’s passion for this undeserved community and is currently involved in Special Olympics on a global level.

BIO Ability

The current plan is to offer small group and one on one services in adaptive fitness and sport training, including adaptive Gymnastics.  We plan to service individuals with a variety of abilities and ages.  We want to improve access to these services in our local communities.

The future vision is to grow into a facility that can support more of the overall vision including a full service fitness and rehab center as well as a recreational and sports facility.  Our hope is to one day be able to provide a southeast training center for hopeful Paralympic athletes as well as accessible apartment  housing for those in our community.

Leadership Team

Julie Price
Co-Founder and CEO
Dawn Vazquez Koch
Julia Price
Adaptive Gymnastics/spectrAbilities Lead
Velera Price Aucoin
Exercise Physiologist