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Recreation and Play

Community Events

These are great opportunity to come together and spend time socially experiencing common interests.  This may include local concerts, fairs, sporting events, etc.

Open Gym

This is a great opportunity for friends and family to ALL play together.  We welcome all ages and abilities to join us.  Watch the calendar for upcoming events.  We may offer some onsite and partner with facilities in our community to offer this fun opportunity for ALL!

Caregiver Night Out

This is a drop off service to allow parents and/or caregivers to have some much needed “me” time to get out, socialize, or just to rest and relax.  Bio Ability will provide a variety of activities based on individual needs and abilities.  We will strive to offer this service monthly. Watch the newsletter or contact us directly for the next scheduled date.  If interested, register right away as it will be first come first serve and spots are limited.