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The Kim Hyde Scholarship Fund

We are witnessing a rising tide of families grappling with the devastating effects of cancer, and the toll it takes on children cannot be overstated. They need consistency in their lives, but the crushing financial burden of this relentless disease often stands in the way.

Since our inception in 2013, BIO has been committed to provide partial scholarships to ease the hardship for these families. In 2014, we experienced this first hand as we watched Kim Hyde, our co-founder, battle this disease. Now, in partnership with BIO Ability, we can expand our impact in ways we’ve only dreamed of. This is where your support comes in.

Your contribution can make an immediate difference in the lives of those in need. These scholarships, fueled by your generosity, provide a lifeline to families battling cancer. They offer not only financial relief but also the precious gift of stability and continuity to children who deserve nothing less.

What’s more, your donation is tax deductible, allowing you to maximize the impact of your giving while reducing your tax liability. It’s a win-win for you and the families we support.

Your generosity can impact the lives of so many:

  • Honoring Kim Hyde’s Legacy: Kim Hyde, our co-founder, tragically lost her battle with breast cancer in 2015. The scholarship fund serves as a memorial to her and her enduring commitment to helping families facing similar challenges.
  • Stability Amidst Chaos: Children of parents fighting cancer often experience immense emotional stress and uncertainty. Maintaining normal routines can provide them with a sense of stability and security during challenging times.
  • Academic and Emotional Well-being: A consistent routine helps children stay on track with their education and allows them to focus on their emotional well-being while their parent battles cancer.
  • Supporting Our Scholarship Fund: Contributing to our scholarship fund is a meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of these families. Donations are tax deductible, which means you can support a worthy cause while receiving a financial benefit.
  • Immediate Assistance: Our scholarship fund provides immediate financial relief to families in need. It helps cover education-related expenses, offering tangible support during a difficult period.
  • Creating Lasting Impact: By supporting this scholarship, you’re not only honoring Kim Hyde’s memory but also making a lasting impact on the lives of children and families dealing with the hardships of cancer. Your contribution can help ensure that these children have access to educational opportunities and a semblance of normalcy during these trying times.
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